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Tengus are globalist seeking to undermind the human village by indoctrinating a few of them.

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It's not NISA's call to make. ZUN gave his seal of approval to Play Doujin, but said from the start mainline Touhou wouldn't be available for a console port.

Doujin developers join with PD to bring select product to consoles, PD helps them with that, and NISA goes through PD to license what they want under PD's banner.

ZUN and PD are basically throwing shit against the wall. They don't care if it fails or brings a bad name to Touhou, because to ZUN his rights to Touhou are still his and his games are still core. Even to the extent that he didn't care that Tasofro wanted to bring ULiL to PS4.

And I wouldn't want NISA to come within 10 feet of the stuff that matters.

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Anyone want to take bets on how awful the translation will be? One of the DLC trailers (how does it already have DLC it's not even out yet what the fuck is wrong with you) has us visiting Yokai Mountain, so already a good start.

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Should Touhou have dub voices?

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