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Dude, I know it must be tough for someone as clearly macho as you to have to come to terms with being a homosexual but lashing out at people with healthy sexual interests isn't the way to solve your issues. You like men... who like men. It's OK. Seriously. No one will judge you in the 21st century. You can stop crying now.

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I was actually derailling the thread on purpose 'cause it's shit. The tripfriend, as a natural attention whore, was just an easy way to do it.

My victorious face when every single post since my first [>>7472088] was off-topic

try harder to take it easy next time /jp/, you'll manage it one of these days

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lemme tell you one place i'll never be b& from

ur momma's bed


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>bitches and whines about "buzzwords"
>can't actually spell


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