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The ability to remove objects from a place by consuming the history leading up to them being there?

Versatile enough.

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Except for kimo Keine who is kimo.

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Indeed. They just don't make them that way anymore.

Personally, would love to see a full length movie of Don Rosa's McDuck cosmology, more adult themed than the recent Disney movies. Obviously not adult themed as in sex and violence, but as in a more complex and realistic narrative (and certainly not a musical). Aimed at the generation that read the original stories as children, making them 25-30 by now.

Unfortunately we might need to find a REAL hakutaku to make that come true.

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That flood limit thing is gonna be kind of a bitch though.

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More importantly, as a hakutaku, where are the other 7 eyes?

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Who knows what's written behind Keine in this image?

Also, Keine/Mokou thread go

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