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>leechmin shitting up the thread again
Fucking faggots

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>literally no roommate posting for days
>suddenly OP is fucked and thread is full roommate shit once again
Pure coincidence, right?

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Will the final nail for Smile and Go be the holostar song passing it?

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It's only 2 am

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Stop meowing

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this is a form of bullying

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>no delivery today

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>distribute greenback material
>no one make meme with greenback material

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I still don't get why Flare gets so emotional about Sans. Can't wait to hear the same 'Flare loves Sans meme' over and over as well

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You were saying?

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You need to get your eyesight checked, anon.

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delusional. everyone knows that slow and steady wins the race.

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>he multiread 6 threads

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Ok Flare showing Choco End during her supposedly first experience is going way too far, defend this shit.

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NoeFure is real, you just fell for a blatant male pandering tweet which only serves to get desperate men to watch her next ASMR stream that she CONVINIENTLY announced less than 20 minutes after that post went up

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>calling flare gfe when you have holos like lamy straight up kissing their viewers

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she's not. you're just a pervert that finds everything sexual.

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that was an accident flare is one of the least sexual holos

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using Gen 4 as the example really isn't a fair comparison, with Gen 4 and future gens, 3D is going to be guaranteed no matter what, just had to wait a few months after they debuted to not blow their loads early. Early gens though, getting one was 100% about exposure and allowing more opportunities. Also if you really want to use debuts from this year as an example, Suisei had only just hit 100k before getting her's and if COVID never happened, Flare would've likely been under 100k or would've just gotten to that number when she got her debut.

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Is that really true? I thought Flare was actually friends with Marine and Noel...

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Never believe narratives at face value.

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