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Best answer so far!
It's all about keeping her calm and happy.

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>yuuka tells you to place your hand in a cactus
>She says it's for happy day
Would you accept /jp/?

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That is cuter than it ought to be

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Servant class: Berserker
Alignment: True neutral

Strength: A Defense: A
Agility: E Magic: A
Luck: D
Mad Enhancement: B

Noble Phantasms:
Umbrella that can shoot Master Sparks.
Reality Marble that takes the form of an endless field of flowers that constantly makes her stronger as she remains there.

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There'd be little choice in the matter: I'd have to subject myself to doing something really humiliating in order to satisfy my debt of wrongdoing. Either that or be her garden compost. Yep.

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Touhou exists because of ZUN. Even if it were to grow less popular, if ZUN were to still continue producing games, it would still be a thing. KanColle is alright, I guess? But it lacks the single-focused-person drive that touhou has.

Yes, part of what makes touhou great is the large devoted fandom. KanColle also has a large devoted fandom currently... but the only way it could kill Touhou is if somehow ZUN converted to KanColle, which is so unlikely as to be ludicrous.

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She scares the shit out of me. Always did.

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If there was one lady who'd know the answer to that..

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Are you scared of Yuuka?

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