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Reminder that Yukari is a cute girl who just likes to "look cool"
Reminder that Yukari has never actually eaten a human and just says she does to looks scary and maintain her position of the Big Cheese of Youkais
Reminder that Yukari was once a human, is an ally of a sworn defender of humans, beats Ran because she bullies humans, and intentionally sent all the human eating youkais on a suicide mission to the moon.

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>Reimu is the best Touhou

good one dood

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Yukari smile is the best smile

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I'd go to Gensokyo. Yes, I do love a Touhou but also, I want to run away from this world. I'm a coward.
I failed at uni, I can't get a job and I'm a burden to my family. They'll be sad, but I know they'll get over it. They're strong. Unlike me.
People said I'm good, smart and all, but I know. I'm lazy as fuck and I'm in love with someone doesn't exist. A billion dollars? Money depletes. It will soon vanish and when I look back, what do I have? A house? A car? Maybe a family but is ther e love? Or were they just there because of the money?
Investment? Knowing me, I'll probably burn them in games, figures and shit like that.
I'll still be running away.
I hate working under pressure, because I'm used to be playing around. Labour work fits me, but my parents won't allow that. Why, I got a degree in programming, and go for labour work? No. Pressure. From my own family.
I can't say my love in Gensokyo would love me back, hell, she must even not know who the fuck I am. But Gensokyo itself is beautiful. Why do I know? Because even Gods love it. And Gods shouldn't love places that's ugly. There is Human Village, where I can live as a simple farmer. I love farming, and I know it's hard. But at least, my mind is at ease, and I can enjoy the scenes of the land I love, away from this polluted world where people thinks of none but money, fighting and killing, not only themselves, but also the nature.
I just want to be able to sit on the Youkai Mountain Peak, watching the sun covering its red light on the autumn forest, until the stars show up and I'll go back, greet everyone I know by name, take a quick look at my field and rest under the moonlight.

Maybe, one day that certain Touhou will pass by me in the market, and say hi. Who knows, isn't that enough?

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