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One word: Perfect.

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Is that a serious question, or are you just being a stupid cunt.

9 out of 10 Touhoufags choose Keine

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Iku is far from underrated.

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Why don't you kids like the bento hat?

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Uhh, what the fuck are you doing here, Ms. Keine?

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Screw a Keine/Mokou/Cirno/China/Patchouli ending! You're getting out of this crazy place before she catches you! You rush over to the window and open it...
And realize you're too big to fit through the window. Huh. You never expected that from a small window. You try to pull out... And you're stuck. Well... Damn. You hear soft laughter from behind you. "Now, what are you doing?" She asks quietly, and helps pull you out from the window. "You're still sick." She presses her wrist to her forehead, not allowing you to reply. "See, you still have a fever. It would be irresponsible of me to allow you to leave so soon."

[ ] "Uh, heya. Are you sure you don't know where Cirno is?" You ask, trying to distract her.

[ ] "I'm sorry, I just wanted to look out, and I got stuck." You lie. What the hell were you thinking, anyways.

[ ] "Screw it! I have to find Cirno!" Try to rush past her to the exit!

[ ] "Who are you? How did I get here?"

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Do you just tell yourself that Keine doesn't exist so you can feel better about no one loving you?

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