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mikos be wildin'

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I am gonna tell the cute red-white human shrine maiden!

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Come again?

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There's really nothing like getting to a final boss with max lives and realizing you can just bomb all the way through her.

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I forgot the path to reach my Touhou pictures, send help

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Please do not post images of my daughter getting raped, in jaypee, ever again. Please anon.

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Can anyone stop the red menace?

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Order Shrine Maidens

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I dusted off a few cobwebs and opened a BRAND NEW LOBBY

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I got into Touhou because I like Video Games, and, most importantly, the video game music.
Started with SWR because I was scared about fucking up too much in the SHMUP genre and wanted my first SHMUP to be something more popular, like Ikaruga or some shit as I believe you should play a good game from every genre at least once or twice.
Eventually I broke down and played the main games, starting with 6. I fell in love with some of the characters, mainly Komachi, Marisa, Yuyuko, Youmu, The Prismriver Sisters, Nitori, and others. Then I went into the mangas, starting with the Inaba series as I enjoy lighthearted comedy and fell in love with Kaguya, Tewi, Mamizou, Yukari, and even more.
The memes are just the cherry in top.

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>Able to 100%-0% nearly any hero in the game given equivalent levels
>Most of Sanae's defensive utility except can't provide team-wide physical damage immunity
>People call her Bad Sanae

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>Playing this game too seriously
>Not playing this game for fun

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Look at my face. We've met before...

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What is this from?

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