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>Lillith Uterus (very soft) and Lolinco arrived this morning
>very first onaholes
>mfw using the Lillith
if i dont shitpost tomorrow, assume ive died from dehydration.
Now to try the Lolinco
Im gonna need more viagra

Side-note, the box these came in are fucking outstanding, 11/10 will save

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Imagine Yuugi with a big horse cock and balls as big as apples roughly putting you on the bed and brutally fucking your boipussy without caring for your feelings while she mercilessly slam against your prostate and hold your hands down.

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I just got my NEET bucks. Is there some Japanese food I could make to celebrate? I'm not that bad at cookery but obviously I'm limited to what I can buy at a grocery store. So far I've only made omuraisu (which is one of my favorite dishes) and some Japanese styled beef BBQ.

Japanese cuisine is unusual and I'm not very familiar with it.

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Any cute /jp/ GIRLS (not boys) get horny from the thought of being sexually abused and dominated by a big hairy ugly bald fat man?

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I want to cum inside a /jp/isie

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Hello jp.,
can we have a
fatalpulse thanks thread.?

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After stretching your anus open to inhuman proportions, I want to grab a tazer and jam it as deep as I can inside your ass and electrocute you.

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I sentence you to 1 hour in the rape dungeon.

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I use similar to the ones on top. They aren't that thick though.

I eat with chopsticks pretty often. They work better than a fork if you know how to use them. They don't work for all kinds of food of course, like fries for example.

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Oh god, if Yuuka makes it in.

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