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I wonder what happened to meido.

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Meido is dead. She was a useless slut but I'd take her back in a heartbeat over the janny.

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Meido cleaning /jp/ right now!

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Based meido cleaning up the thread.

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If only the janny would wipe the whole fucking board like in the good old days...

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Our meido is keeping this place VERY clean.

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Why is /jp/ one of the only places where the 4chan staff is respected for what they do?

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Meido clean up this mess

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Meido clean this thread up!

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The last time I heard from /jp/'s legendary janitor he had to retire from his position because he was suffering from brain cancer or something like that. Did we ever get an update on his health?

For guys who are new to /jp/ I'll tell you the story of a janitor who we affectionately referred to as meido. Despite his failing health, he worked ridiculously hard when he was online. He cared about /jp/ers so much he would delete rule breaking content before the mods got a chance to bring down the ban hammer. Entire pages of rule breaking content would get swept away, hence fan art like this. Is he still alive?

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Janny's off his meds again

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>Junior idols and/or child models are banned. Posting this will get you banned.
>Stop fucking doing it--it's not allowed you pedo creeps.

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I posted a different version like a week ago and then we had a "good old days" thread two days later.

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Meido's been dead for years. Killed herself.

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Now meido please listen for a second and don't delete this thread. I know your human too so i want to talk about something. How should i say this, /jp/ use to be like a family back in 2009-2010. we were able to discuss things back then that we cant now because of the strict rules you place on the board. now lm not saying the original meido wasn't strict, but she kind of understood us in a way that let us break free from just otaku culture, back then we were japan general though and we didn't even vote for this change. /a/ trolled moot into thinking this would be good, this didn't even happen on our own board. I completely understand why you have to be like this though, what happened after the original quit at the end of 2010 was the end of /jp/. Everyone left, there was raids everyday from some steam group and also we got invaded from /v/ and /soc/. not until you started in 2012 did /jp/ somewhat start to be what it once was, but now that we are stable we should begin to bring back what we had, a family. we had a bunch of fun tripfags, we had tea threads and neet threads, we were able to talk about our depression and problems. we had personality and /jp/ really helped me out back in the day. this new /jp/ is a lot better then what happened in 2011 and 2012 but we need this board to have something that no other board had again. I flet like everyone knew each other and that we all had the same problems and issues and we all could relate to that. yes /jp/ had shitposters in 2009 and 10 but they were our shitposters and we understood that. all im saying is let us talk about things like we use too. I just want the board that understood me the most back. late at night /jp/ was the best we could talk about anything. now /jp/ for the past 2 years feels soulless and uniform like every other board. /jp/ was not like any other board on 4chan, we were different. All i ask is that you give us a little more freedom, but protect us from 4chan.

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