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I liked her mossoo toreeningu phase

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I love gabu but I love hegochin more, same as with their voices
Speaking of which I thought the idolmaster people had been cut from the event because one of them had covid but I guess that was probably me reading someone shitposting back then

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I separate them in brackets
Mimorin has been around forever and is like 35 already
If you count "guests" like Hikasa and Ayaneru they might be above her

Hashi is the silent sleeper here. She staryed really early, probably has more VA experience than all of the other band girls around her age combined -- except for like Miku -- and a solid af solo singing carreer and other collabs

I'm telling you if she lands like a shonen jump or kyoani role, her profile will skyrocket just like Akari Kito but she likes to sing and dance as mich as VAing too so I dunno what her goals are atm. Fun fact, she's currently the person with the most performances on anisama alongside angela, if japs can be trusted

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>his seiyuufu doesnt have a solo gig on anisama in two weeks

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She was bulking then got lean
Lurk /fit/ more, faggot

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>tfw hego have bigger bicep than you

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