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SSJ3 Mokou

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Nah, even with practice mode Fujiwara Volcano exists to stop me from defeating her. Without Spellcard Practice, she would be among the hardest. I mean, who figures out her laser's hit duration is dependent on your position when it appears rather than dependent on the screen in general without excessive practice?

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then burn stuff!

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From the look of it, she is marinating herself for self-cannibalism.
Immortality made useful in everyday life.

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I'm a moku fan and I feel Ive been short changed. This is a fuck awesome character that just bleeds coolness. From his attire to his phoenix theme and from the looks of it he's not getting his full potential. Here are some reasons why:

1) He should have been a boy and even though he's a girl, I'm going to keep calling him a boy.

2) When you look at him, suspenders, slacks, hand in pockets. You think "Oh wow he looks like a brawler or a street fighter" So why the fuck is he not in SWR?

Seriously what the fuck

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Mokou should be used to burns, though.

Fire shouldn't phase this one in the slightest.

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Wait a second. Mokou can't cut her hair, it just regenerates.

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1. Don't we already have a Berserker?
2. The fire IS Magic, so yeah. So would the bullets be, regarding the dodging question.
3. F-14s have fuel tanks, and fuel is quite flammable. Likewise, metal melts at the temperatures of my fires. Won't help you.

I still can't decide whether you burn or not.

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