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Mokou really is badass. But she's even more cool.
It's a shame most people don't draw her as such.

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This it? It's not ZUN-like, though.

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If not ZUN style, they should draw her like this.
None of that generic pretty-girl crap. I don't want her to look like a guy, either, she's not a hobo.

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Yeah. Mokou is pretty awesome.
She strikes me as the kind of super-elite that'd work with maybe one other person.
I'd like to team up with her and exterminate youkai with her as a duo at night.

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Hey, she's got Keine to hang with.

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This one always gave me that "Imperishable Night Extra" enigma. Don't know why, though.

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I know.

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Mokou is a super elite

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That childish piece to it was taken and greatly exaggerated the fanon community, making her act like a little kid over it.

In canon, Mokou doesn't go out of her way to find Kaguya to kill her. She doesn't like her, so she generally avoids her.

She's badass because... well, take a good look at this picture. That should give you an idea of what her true nature is. Use your imagination.

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This one's set as my desktop.
I love how this artist captured that sense of cool Mokou's personality.

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