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>He has shrugged off being erased from reality.

Because he got angrier. Which would be logically meaningless in this situation.

>You are arguing that she can beat him by reality warping, when he has proven that he can overpower reality warping via willpower.

Again, it's not "reality warping", it's "conceptual warping". She is not limited to physical or even real boundaries: all boundaries are under her purview.

>Not always, certainly, but we are not arguing off of any character's ``at rest'' state.

Yukari can basically manipulate a character's state at will by literally redefining what the state of mind MEANS. You can have 100% maximum ultrarage hulk and when the very concept of anger means to be at peace, he will be powerless.

There is no weakness to the power of boundaries.

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Why does the thought of Yukari getting emberassed while getting caught sneaking into someones please amuses me so much?

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Oh god I think they might be at my door

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