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That's me.

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Tough crowd, huh?

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Ilya is very high tier loli

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ohai, jus eating popcorn naow.

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Who'd want to have a discussion with you, anyway?

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here being underaged with Illya.

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I didn't really have a say in the matter when it came to having my hair shorn, though...Altrouge took it as her personal trophy.

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Normal end.

And yeah, it's kinda sad. But not half as sad for me as Fate end or HF True end, because Ilya sacrifices herself for Shirou in the true end. Ilya, who had known much worse pain than Sakura and had never really known happiness like Sakura had for the two years with Shirou.

Despite all that Ilya might have been a bit twisted, but was a much stronger person and didn't wallow in disgusting self-pity like Sakura. All it took for Ilya was a few days to go from nothing to a truly great person.

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Maybe, but I raise you a loli Arc.

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Loli thread.

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Share noob here. I just downloaded it and set it up. I have a few questions:

1. When I right-click and choose Add to Download, nothing happens. It doesn't show up in the download tab or anything.

2. Is the way to get more results from searches to add more nodes? If so, can anyone link me to some?

3. Also, what clusters do you guys use? So far I'm only using アニメ.

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o rly?

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the ultimate combo

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