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For fucks sake, stop being gay jaypee.

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you think that's bad? I still struggle to differentiate
>シ and ツ
>ソ and ン
especially when they're written in stylized fonts

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my friend wants me to go with him to a local anime convention in 2 months
are they as stinky and ungroomed as the memes have led me to believe?
I generally enjoy most things and I don't think this will be an exception but I just want to prepare for the smell of dickcheese beforehand if I am to experience it

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I dislike her because she rarely do armpit licking and doesn't do incest. I dislike divas.

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How in the fuck can someone save images like this in their computer? Wojaks are so fucking disgusting to look at

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Why can't they fucking cast someone good to be in this series. The only ones I care about is Aika's and the one SSNI made a rip off with Yumeno Aika.

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Jesus I just looked up her recent pics, I saw her latest movie so I didn't know she got more surgery done. FFS this is an epidemic that needs to be addressed.

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Don't mean to be a nigger but can I get some sauce?

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>Repository of Hirokawa -Ghost-

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>survive Ru node with 2 chuuha, Ooi and Kawakaze
>ABKM goes from full health to taiha on air node before boss
Fucking Tanaka.

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Nubee needs to make it so that the FAW can't do an AOE until at least after 3 turns. This immediate teamkill thing is really starting to piss me off.

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