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>A number of Saints have read this passage as a revelation that the Church was restored on the very day Christ was born. This would mean that according to our current calendar, Jesus was born on April 6, 1 B.C. (there is no 0 B.C. or 0 A.D.). It appears that B.H. Roberts may have been among the first to suggest this reading when in 1893 he commented:

>I believe that this [D&C 20:1] – better than any other authority, fixes the time of the birth, or the ‘coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh;’ and that, as to the year at least, agrees with the Dionysian computation. It must be remembered that this revelation in Section twenty of the Doctrine and Covenants was given before the Church was organized—at sundry times between the first and the sixth of April—and that the prophet was instructed to organize the Church on the sixth day of April, 1830, hence it was not mere chance that determined the day on which that organization took place.... (Roberts, 1893, 17.)

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