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Achieve emotional maturity. Learn to avoid trusting your feelings and your fears. Learn to comfort yourself and to be completely at ease with who you are.

Talking to others helps, too. Avoiding things is another sign of emotional maturity. I am not saying you should become a pick-up artist and try to score with every woman you lay eyes on, but you should at least try talking to people more regularly and become at ease with it.

Remember, you are moving out of your comfort zone. The trick is to avoid going back to your safe place, because once you do that you are fucked.

Familiar feelings are the ones we unconsciously seek out.

If we are accustomed to misery and feeling like a victim, then we will be more likely to victimize ourselves and pass the blame off to circumstances, for example.

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Oh boy, not this shit again. Gaiafag-level trolling.

I can tell you are full of bull, because if you actually had real-life problems to deal with, you wouldn't be spending your time on a forum telling a tripfag what's up.

You remind me of a shittier version of Dr. Phil.
Also, convincing people that they are raging when they clearly aren't is the sign of a loser.
Here's some dollars - buy yourself some skills from the local Wal-Mart.


You have school, I don't blame you for not being able to post on /jp/ all the time.

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