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Which Touhou would you suicide with?

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You forgot Yuyuko for beauty.

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Having watched Bad Apple recently (yes I know I'm a slowpoke by 12 month), it occurred to me that below Gensokyo's whimsical and lighthearted surface a lot of the character's background story are actually very dark and tragic.

Take Yuyuko for example, the original Yuyuko killed herself because she couldn't endure having the power of death over people. Then 1000 year later ghost Yuyuko is driven to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom to resurrect the soul beneath it only to find out that it was actually her own and thus she could never be resurrected or else Saigyou Ayakashi will be unsealed for good.

Do these grimdark elements of the setting get to you /jp/?

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