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>he proved his point I better start making baseless assumptions even though he's the only one on /jp/ with experience to speak from

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>deletes posts about CurryButt
>leaves rulebreaking thread

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We will see him right?

We'll see him again, and soon, you convinced me of that so stay strong.

Don't worry, we'll finish this...and go see him together.

Look, banned by mods, im a troll an enemy of 4chan, a danger to us all!

/a/ got shitty, I had to have somewhere to go so I thought I needed to forget my past and I became Suigin. I thought by changing my name I could change who I was.

Who are you?

I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a tripfag, same as you.

You must be CurryButt. Sion, butthurt generator of /jp/

Curry's a hero, we'll erect a memorial in /jp/ and put his pasta on display.

If they find out you're friends with Curry they'll...

*Slams fist down* YOU'RE MY BRO...this is your board.

The point is, I have people I can count on...I'll make it through.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

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