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ice fairy blue

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Stay inside on my computer like always, you silly.
It's nice and cool in here with my air conditioning.

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>Anyone else unable to bear this unimaginable heat?

>implying no one knows how to keep cool

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I think that pasta is nice, but I wonder what happens to these who tried a lot of other hobbies, talk to others like a normalfag, are in good terms with their family and are doing something besides sitting in /jp/ that failed, even with everything at their favor.

I'm saying that because that's my case. I'm good, I'm really good, and I still feel bad. I don't know what's happening...

Blablabla not my blog, daily reminder that I love you, here, have a TohoGirl.

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The coolest.

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Middle of January then, for me. I think i'm in the clear.

Not really, OP. I have a hell of a lot of trouble talking to people (including family) and spend all day on a computer etc, but i'm not a dick and i'm going to a good university from next week.

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What flavor of ice cream should I get to celebrate Cirno?

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Cirno cooling off in her traditional manner.

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It's not like people drink it for it's taste, you drink it so you can get messed up without having to drink a case of "normal beer".

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Can fairies even get pregnant?
They're just a manifestation of nature.

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Needs more baka.

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DID YOU KNOW: Bismuth subsalicylate is the only active ingredient in an over the counter medication that will actually leave a shiny metal slag behind after being completely burnt with a blow torch?

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