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Why does anyone want her to have a boyfriend? Why would she want a boyfriend? She has tens of thousands of boyfriends that give her more money, gifts, and love than one one man could give. The only thing she's missing is the physical relationship and the sex, even she admitted that on her birthday but from her standing, she's winning the game of life. She's young, successful, beautiful, and won the genetic lottery, most of her problems are first world problems or created in her own head. She's not lonely, she has tons of friends thanks to Uni and Hololive, and sure she has to work but who doesn't. She can't fight piracy so no point to dwell on it. Most of her problems are very solvable which is probably why they're her problems.
As someone who's racked with debt and playing this rat race called life and will probably be for the rest of his life because there's no escaping this American Nightmare except with a bullet, she has it pretty fucking good.

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I spoke too soon...

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This new Rust arc is pretty fun.
Can't wait for Pekora and Miko to run into each other.

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I'd call that more retarded than funny

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They all hate Peko-chan... Why?!

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will pekora open up as before on her next drinking mengen? maybe not with the increased spam as the topics often came from chat. why can't retards buy merch instead

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I like to think little Noeru is not so retarded that she learns to hate all foreigners over the actions of one jackass.

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Pekora doesn't have her elytra to fly through akushio pixelart...

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I feel like a fucking idiot posting on my oshi's twitter and her roommate's in a futile effort to get noticed. I want to show my love and support but I feel like this isn't it. I'm putting too much thought in what I'm typing and posting then I should, then I see the thousands of likes and posts and I'm just insignificant in a sea of names and faces. Should I just focus on a single account? How do you guys not get discouraged and keep going?

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Why do so many people hate Pekora? Is it because she's successful?

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Mikocraft... But there's no Peko!

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>being this mad you're objectively wrong

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>t-take out?

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>Characters rotates in some way
>SPEEN.wav blasts through my brain
I hate this

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>Mikoless Pekora

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I live in the States and I know women like Noel don't exist. It sucks, I hate it here and how superficial everything and everyone is. Most good girls get snatched up quit and impregnated by college so there's no hope for someone like me in their 20s.

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>only 2 wins in 2 hours

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