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I like to think this guy became something of a regular after helping out with extermination and advertising that one time, therethrough slowly slotting into Reimu's routine and eventually good graces.

Yeah, I ship it. Sue me.

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>artists don't seem to like him
If you'd read the print works starring that stealth neckbeard, you'd find him distasteful too.

At least a hero emerges from among the faceless villagers from time to time, like Hungry-kun, who BARRELLED OVER A GOD (that incapacitated the Hakurei shrine maiden) BECAUSE THAT'S HOW FUCKING HUNGRY HE WAS (for yakitori made by fairies).

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What about Hungry Hungry Villager?

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Don't mind me, just barrelling through a hunger spirit (that made the Hakurei shrine maiden collapse), eating Kappa food, hanging out with Reimu and her shady friends, probably being pranked by fairies, then helping Reimu out with said hunger spirit because I'm a nice guy like that.

I also fucked Star Sapphire behind the shrine while nobody was looking.

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Between drug-kun and dracula and now dedicated festical goer, I'm now convinced that touhou boys are also good

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