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i'll try to prevent from flooding you with information.

if you've looked around on the web and found wikis(i'm assuming you've seen ours, half-organized and completed as it is)...

essential programs for this game are TDCGExplorer and the TSOView pack(containing tmoproportion and other tools). with those two tools alone, you can enjoy the game quite a bit, but they take some knowledge to use. they can mostly be found on the 3dcustom.net(AKA xpc) uploader(see the uploader links on our wiki).

for mmd, to start out i would recommend getting pmdeditor. if you are going to use it largely with TDCG, tso2pmd and tmo2vpd are essentials as well. i also recommend getting pngpose and tmomorphing.

i'll leave it at that for now. if you want more info, post again. i have a rather large library of tools for tdcg, effects and programs for MMD, etc.

regrettably, i don't know of a truly good source of mmd information on the english internet other than here. i think there are some decent basic tutorials on youtube, but that's about it. ttp://sites.google.com/site/mikumikubeat/ is okay, but nothing community-wise. it's pretty sad, really, the program is capable of a lot and is continually expanding.

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