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>what more could ojou-sama desire?
Her childhood that was stripped from her, which is why she regresses mentally every time Sakuya dotes on her.

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I like to imagine Remi infantilizing herself as she's grown complacent living in Gensokyo with Sakuya to attend to her every whim. From a terrifying charismatic vampire when she first met Sakuya and rampaged through Gensokyo during the Vampire Incident, to slowly becoming more and more childish and immature as time went by and she grew accustomed to taking it easy.

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>immature appearance
I don't think it's just appearance, though. Remilia really is an eternal child, which is reflected not just physically but also in her personality. That contrast is what makes her character so delightful to me though. She's a powerful and infamous youkai with her own manor and servants. She's even paid human tribute as part of the devil contract originating from the Vampire Incident. There's no doubt that she can be quite cunning and wise when it comes to achieving goals that she considers truly important. But at the same time she's a little girl that will spit out yucky food in public. She can be boastful and overconfident, and enjoys making herself sound more important by claiming to be a descendant of Dracula. Being a child doesn't just mean acting bratty or immature, however. On a more subtle level, I feel like the way that she seems to really enjoy playing her role as a vampire and Mistress of the SDM derives from her having the earnest and genuine heart of a child. Or the way she gives some of her spellcards silly or nonsensical names like a child would. Together, all of these aspects and contradictions of Remilia's character and personality are what make her so irresistible to me.

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This is true.

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Because she's a powerful yet whimsical vampire loli ojou-sama. She can be cute and adorable in one situation and cool and charismatic in another without it being the least bit jarring or incongruous. I think this contrast makes her irresistible.

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Remi is a clever child.

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>Remilia for example act like Lucky Star character.
Remilia is a canon goofball though.

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How do we reconcile the seemingly contradictory nature of the Remimi? Even in the same canon manga she's shown as both the cool and charismatic mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and a little kid who makes faces when she tastes food she doesn't like. As a devotee of the Mistress, do you fully accept both sides of the Remi? And do you prefer one depiction over the other in secondary material, or do you love both aspects equally?

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