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we have none, it is in fact, our duty to fill their wombs with semen to give them that happy and prosperous life

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That's factually untrue, though. Don't be dumb.

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Having Alice be a nude model while I study her body intimately and draw every lewd detail! Watching Alice turn bright red, shake with embarrassment, and sweat nervously while she tries to maintain her pose that displays her nude body to me! Alice's nipples getting super erect and her vagina dripping with sticky embarrassment-fluids! Telling Alice I need to use the bathroom when I really just want to walk to the other side of the room so I can see her butt!

I love embarrassed flustered Alice!

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She looks pretty smiley in >>16306085
She only smiles when she's happy, anon, and she isn't happy when she's doing lewd things.

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This guy is too good.

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