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that makes bern the giant rat that makes all of the rules

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The bar should just be "have fun", and have both sides not have an autistic bitch fit. If the collab sucks, it sucks. This one looked okay but not "ZOMG YOU NEED TO WATCH IT" tier.

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i don't know why you even tried this angle when your 'friend' can't stop himself from being the most loud obnoxious faggot this side of /jp/

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honestly i don't know why i'm even engaging with you, you don't even conversate with people you just decide something's true and yell "blah blah blah i'm right you're wrong" until everyone shuts up because they've gotten tired of trying to talk to a brick wall and that counts as a victory in your eyes
also really? you were going to be reasonable with a erping tranny faggot from brazil? just typing that makes me not want to talk with the guy, i don't know how you ever thought you could be reasonable with such a degenerate when you're yelling at clouds because they also type in lowercase letters
hell if that is the same guy from last time he's a little shit who can't write crap and is an insufferable faggot, i really don't feel like dealing with that retard again

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It was made to piss people off and make good posters leave, and it worked because idol/vtuber era /jp/ is hot trash. I mean, It was bad before but nowadays there's fuck all to see here.

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random energy attacks doesn't suddenly make bleach on-topic, now go annoy people on /a/ with this stupid gimmick instead

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is satochrome still happening, new new bernfag?

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ew chuuni

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Alright my fellow /07/th posters. It's time to start the vetting process to get into the hot new super secret /07/th talking place.
Generate an inbox with temp-mail and reply to my post with the generated address.
I'll send out the instructions to you via email.

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Nice thread losers. Why haven't you retards moved to the new site yet?

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I'm not paying for the 'luxury' of not having to deal with posts that should've already been deleted. Hiroshimoot's not getting free handouts for letting his mods slack off.

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You just answered your own qustion there.
The worst part is that the mods 100% fully support this and are even willing to kill off other topics in favour of it.

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>so it's not even the slightest exaggeration to say the entire season
>when literally the entire season was building towards it.
>His point was that it was amply foreshadowed
>LITERALLY the entire season
I see.
Well, it IS ESL hours....

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You probably thought your post was funny. It wasn't.

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Bern just wanted to give you a quick love nibble. Did you not like it?

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Go to a doctor if you really are unable to eat. Don't die to something preventable.

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Bern is actually Rika and Keiichi's love child - made in the metaworld, of course. Them abandoning her to go do other things is why she's so cruel.

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If all you can do is post insults and act as if they have meaning, then you might as well not post at all. There's no meaning to your posts, and thus they're a waste of both your time and mine. You'd be much happier if you weren't constantly shouting at text online trying to assign them negative traits in some attempt to feel better for yourself.

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Let's be real, We would all do the same exact thing if we were in Ryu's shoes.

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Probably isn't going to get a English release, so no.

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Apology accepted.

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Remember 10 years ago when people told you to not act like a complete retard on 4chan? This is why. You have pathetic newfags thinking that they can vent their issues by posting pure distilled rancid diarrhea while thinking they actually contribute.
If only your parents actually cared about you and they saw how you spent your time..At least then we would have peace instead of piss.

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I see your point.

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