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All that vibrant and luscious red hair flowing over Meiling's broad muscled shoulders....

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Carefully back away.
I have no intention of my last conscious thought being that there is a knife embedded in my brain, thank you very much.

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I could very well be wrong, but I'm not seeing any other way it could be read.

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It's a Sunday night and soon midnight in Poland, I suppose.

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Well... as >>7650076 said, more colours usually indicate more, or at least more varied power. Although except for the Yakumos, as a group, none of the "rainbow characters" is particularly varied.

Well, maybe Patchy. But she's still limited in that she can only do one thing at a time.

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End Transmission.

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dat ass

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You only got one part of that right.

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Dem legs~~~

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4,000+ replies and 20 threads, Anon. Thank you /jp/sies. But praytell...
Why the hell am I so popular. I have no idea, yet coming on here earlier, I see no less than 2 lake threads on the front page. You fools! This is what the lake wants you to do! Stop obeying it's siren-like lure! Onwards, anon, onwards...

Your cheerful smile and request for her is ignored as she kneels next to you from where you sit on the ground after the rude drop. "My day was fine, sir, but please, nothing is broken, right?" As she runs her fingers over your arms and back, you can't help but notice they are oddly soft; you would have expected more calluses from hard work as the concerned gatekeeper proceeds to look you over.

[ ] "Honestly, I am fine, Meiling; Don't worry."

[ ] "I think I might have scraped my elbows..."

[ ] "Thank you for your concern, Meiling."

[ ] "Meiling, I have to go back..." Stand up and pull away

[ ] Rush back inside without another word

[ ] Try to kiss her

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You decide to take out the food you have made to Cirno and China; They've probably been waiting with bated breath for you to return, you figure, and bringing a meal with you might be good. As you leave the kitchen, you see nobody, but it as though time has stopped for a second. "You may be the Mistress' guest, however, should I catch you fooling around in my kitchen again, a little accident may occur." You hear scathingly. When you turn, and look around, nobody is there. Screw it, you'll worry about Sakuya later. Carrying three plates of eggs, you proceed out the front doors and wave to the two at the gate.

Meiling had looked rather worried, and was merely nodding mechanically at Cirno as the ice fairy continued nattering to relieve boredom. "Sir! There you are!" Meiling exlaimed, rushing over to you. "How are you? You were gone for some time. Did the mistress catch you? Oh, what are those? Are those for us?" She babbles a bit, eventually inquiring about the eggs.

[ ] "Yes, I'm fine. Yes, they're for you both. How are you, Miss Meiling?" Offer Meiling a plate with fork, and then call Cirno over.

[ ] "Yes, I'm fine... I might be here a while though." You hand her one of the meals, and wait for Cirno to collect her own.

[ ] Retreat back inside!

[ ] Do not respond, merely offer her the meal.

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The gatekeeper looks hesitant, and looks nervously, as though expecting someone else to show up. "I am sorry sir, I honestly cannot. Sakuya-san would not approve." She looks rather unhappy with having to answer so, as she quite clearly likes you; it's probable she hasn't been visited by anyone knew in a while, and it has been same old, same old for quite some time. Cirno frowns.

"But Meiling!" The ice fairy whines, "Are you -SURE- you can't?! He's really nice!"

[ ] Nod eagerly with Cirno. "Please, Miss Meiling?"

[ ] Shake your head. "It's fine, Cirno. Besides, I think I know somewhere else you can take me."

[ ] "Alright, if you really think so... You -are- an impressive gate guard, I couldn't possibly get past -you-." You make a show of turning away regretfully. "C'mon, Cirno."

[ ] Allow Cirno to continue arguing for you.

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There's some connection with colors and the power of beings in Gensokyo. I remember reading somewhere that the more colors (probably associated with danmaku colors) you can control the more powerful you are. However I could mention various examples where that isn't necessarily true, like Meiling having access to all colors of the rainbow. Image related.

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