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Everyone who's actually been to Japan on /jp/ get the fuck in here.

Stories welcome.

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Japan in a nutshell:
- Pollutes the seas with garbage
- Kills more whales than nazis killed jews
- Incredibly xenophobic
- Most atrocious warcrimes ever commited (731)
- Majority of the country consists of pedos and childrapers
- Too ignorant / unable to learn proper English
- History is a joke
- Culture is a joke / cannot be taken seriously
- Useless police system
- Slit eyes, deformed face and repulsive skin tone makes them the ugliest creatures on earth
- Almost no mechanical- or technological inventions
- Language sounds like shit
- Thinks of itself as the best country of the world

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I'm trying to learn Japanese with Heisig's books but I have no clue how to learn the pronunciations along with the kanji. What can I do about that?

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How long you've been on /jp/:
Other boards regularly visited:
Do you know much Japanese?:
If so, how did/are you learning:
Profession/subject studying:
Favorite anime:
Favorite game:
Favorite VN:
Other interests/hobbies:

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So what is the opinion of japanese/all asian people on white people. I've heard that some really hate us but some treat us like a tourist attraction

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Why does your national anthem suck? I mean compared to all other countries its pretty lame. It sounds like a cheap "lets wake up and have a better day" OST song from an anime about ninjas.

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Sup /jp/.

I may be going to japan soon for a student exchange. What do I need to know before I go?

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So how many of you have been to Japan?

Did you rike it?

Would you go again or would you prefer to go somewhere else.

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So, who here has actually Japanese class? If so, describe what it's like.

My own Japanese class was mostly made of terrible people, but there were some gems in there. There was a real old guy in there (lol old people in college) who knew four languages already and was awesome to talk to. For some reason, there were a couple Koreans in the class, which somewhat confused me since I was under the impression that Koreans hate everything Japanese. The teacher herself was somewhat good, kind of varying between good mood days and bad mood days. Very kind, but I sense that underneath her kindness, she secretly hated half the class.

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My room smells like poop.

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I'm pretty well off here in America, but my fiance didn't tell me I was a fucking idiot when I entertained the idea of an extended stay in Japan, which only encouraged my curiosity. I'm talking 6 months to a year, just to test the water.

Currently, we're learning the language (spoken for starters) and are looking at any financial hurdles that we'll need to overcome overseas. Our plan is to have something ironed out within the next 2 years.

I ask anybody in /jp/ who is currently living, or has in the past lived in Japan. What is there to do? What could be done for stable income? Is it even worth the trip?

Again, money isn't an issue stateside at all. However, I wouldn't imagine it being incredibly easy to be as financially stable as a foreigner in Japan.

Aside from my inquiry, I'd be delighted to hear any experiences from current residents of Japan.

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What is this?

/b/ has started on a project to translate the visual novel Girugamesh, one of the highest rated according to the Japanese.

Are you in need of translators?

Of course! Anyone with knowledge of Japanese (and English) is welcome to keep being a fggt and contri/b/ute.

Are you in need of editors?

Definitely. You don't even need to know Japanese to be a weeaboo, so your participation is encouraged.

What is the length/progress/ETA?

The total length of the content is approximately 4m lines. We are slightly over 20% as of this post. At our current rate of ~0 lines a week, we'll finish sometime at the end of the universe. But the more translators we have, the faster everyone can enjoy the results! If we get to 4000 lines a day, we'll finish before the end of the year.

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I want to learn Japanese. Could a friendly person here on /jp/ point me to a way to self-learn?

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/jp/ I gotta know
how is the japanese language structured?
meaning like what is hiragana used for, and what is kanji for?

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I think that the Japanese have the most potential to portray Asians in a positive light, given the amount of business connections it has. Sony is connected to the film business, but Japan also makes a lot of Anime, and video games, and this could have a potential impact on how people portray Asians. One way the Japanese can change things is by putting in more Asian characters in the games. What got me thinking was when I was looking at some Sony commercials and couldn't help but notice that all the people in them were white. I am also thinking that with the power that Sony has, it could actually throw some Asians in their commercials just to show the world that Asians at least exist. You might say that since this was a western commercial, then they would use white people, but then I went on google and looked for Chinese Sony commercials and discovered half the people in them were white. Are the Japanese making full use of their power? Or do Asians just not have enough pride? Why do we constantly put white people ahead of ourselves?

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Hello guise.

Thought about selling everything I own and move to Tokyo. What do I need to know about Tokyo/Japan? Hard to get an apartment? How about jobs? Any useful info you guise can give?

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Can anyone translate this for me?: 君に出逢えて 本当に良かった

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Could someone translate this for me please?:
君に出逢えて 本当に良かった

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I read the rules and it said that all things Japanese were welcome here.

I tried automatic translation on this, but no translator gives a result that can be consistently interpreted. Would someone mind translating manually? I'd really appreciate it.

>NVIDIAはGT300のEngineering sampleを9月に完成させ、最速で今年の12月に出荷開始とする。
一方、AMDはRadeon HD 5800(RV870)を9月後半にローンチし、出荷を10月に予定している。Radeon HD 5800はまずRadeon HD 5870と5850の2モデルが投入される。

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Nippon Banzai!

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i don't know where to post this so im gonapost it here

so, to day i went with my grandma and my family started to joke of how my mother looks asian, and how i have chinky eyes, then shit hits the fan.
My grandma said that we have some Japanese ancestry.
My first reaction was...WTF!!! you have got to be fucking kidding me. I was not happy, i was fucking pissed and confused.
Fuck my life, i have always hated weeaboos and asian people, but now with this shit... i don't even know what to think.
I feel like shit and pissed at the same time.

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Song starts @ 31 seconds.
I would really like to figure out what song this is and the artist, any help /jp/? :3

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What's so great about Japan?

Their food sucks, their living conditions suck, their attitude sucks.

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