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play the touhouvania games, they are great, they should even make these versions and not just lame outfits like L1 Sakuya who is trash

I used Shion too as a backline in case somthing went wrong since she is a fire character but little Remi instead helped me more

Shion ended up being there for debuffing first bar for everyone else to gang up on those beach assholes

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/jp/, help. I can't find Koumajou Densetsu, either of them. Every link or source I find is dead. I hate to do this, but...I need a source.
Please assist. I'll delete this thread when I get something that works.

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for you OP

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Sorry I don't have a larger version, but I'll give you this.

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There you go

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Koumajou Densetsu aka Touhouvania.

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