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Happiness 2 could've been an okay moege. They wanted more, but that made the game worse than it needed to be. The writers are fairly obviously not up to it. So all the route enforcement does is annoying you. The "grand" route is shit as well.

That said, it could've only been an okay moege. Even the more promising characters don't actually have good routes. It's sometimes amazing how badly and conveniently it's written. I don't know if the writers didn't give a shit or simply are that bad. Together with its route enforcement, I don't think this is anything anyone should bother with. Especially because last month had that Feng game. Not like it's super great, but it's definitely better than this, even with its one-dimensional heroines that don't have room to grow or shine.

I don't really know why they even bothered making this as a sequel to Happiness. That game was already so bad, that all people did was meme about the trap. The trap wasn't even that great, the rest was just so shit. Yes, this "sequel" is a little better, but the trap is worse. Were they really not aware what people "liked" about Happiness? They could've made an entirely gay game with only traps as heroes, and it would've been more fitting. Or a big joke of a game, where the trap steals the show all the time. Heck, maybe even where a trap of similar character is the MC. Instead they decided, that the declining EGS is still worth to vote stuff. Okay.

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