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Finished Dead Days.

It's not the Clock Up Title we expected. It has a lot of weird elements that in retrospect make absolutely no sense and even crosses somewhat Shounen-Fightscenes and dialogue with cyberpunk about Revive-Bodies and other bullshit.

The story feels strange, especially as it turns itself around like a spiral staircase all the time and suddenly you end up with weird states like people who are supposed to be dead and are alive because ...magic, multiple personalities of which each can have an own ethereal and corporeal body...etc, The game kind of stumbles over its own rules.

The basic premise of the game is that people get a new chance after they have died but their life is attached to some kind of battery which they can only charge up by killing spirits that possess people which essentially turn into 都市伝説 like a man who masturbates everywhere or a woman in a wheelchair that shoots people with a machinegun. Yeah its weird.
Additionally the characters have an increased unsatiable sex drive after one of these "missions" and either fuck each other or random passerbys in case of Aira and Julia.

Then theres the fappable part. Fans of Clock Ups more fucked up stuff will definitely enjoy the few bad ends the game offers us and the first murder, everything else is surprisingly lacking the gore and blood. Even if the gore option is activated the game kind of lacks brutality.
The H-Scenes range from vanilla over more vanilla to consensual group sex, rape, voluntary "rape" and a bit fetish stuff here and there with watersports. Kind of tame for Clock Up that published established games like Euphoria, Nemurenu or Natsu no Kusari.

Else the character interactions range from nonsensical to really genuine. All relationships surround Teru, it's basically a harem game in that regard. But Teru is an unlikeable prick for the most part who bullies his osananajimi and treats pretty much everyone like shit, By murdering more people he gets more "ruthless" and Eita, the one who led to his death at the beginning becomes more attached to him, because he has the aura and eyes of a yakuza. Complete nonsense imo because Teru still behaves like a hetare.

The relationship between Aira and Teru was really genuine though. They banter and fool around a lot and their sex is actually enjoyable.

Manami who is the stereotypical milf is super helpless and Teru abuses her quarrel with her husband to fuck her several times. Another fun thing is that the characters are cheating all the time in the game but they are not really conscious of it.

Later we get more characters like Julia and Nobody66, who are just annoying and should die. Julia provides good material for loli content. Shes a total bitch, a pig that has been raised up as a junior model and enjoys fucking people.
Nobody66 is like talking to the automatic customer service of Verizon or some shit. Really boring and stale.

The game itself is actually rather hard to read, not just for Eops or JSLs because the characters all speak in their specific slang. Aira uses Gal-speak, Teru and Eita speak like Yakuza as well as Tengan Soukichi. Gipsy-Q speaks like a priest or some shit, quoting academic lines and mythologies to explain story elements to Teru and Nobody66 as mentioned earlier talks like a robot.

Later in the game it kind of turns into a whodunnit where you are second guessing your peers who is a traitor and why and then the game goes totally haywire.

At this point you have reached the true route, Mao route already. The only route that feels complete.

Then we have the girl that probably intrigues people the most. Kiruru the crazy yandere. She has one of the sickest endings in the game, but its not really disturbing imo. Maybe I'm too desensitized. But yeah she wants Terus best throughout the whole game and milks him dry a few times. But she has also multiple personalities and switches them on the fly, it's scary.

The voiceacting and art is top notch except something I noticed. The shading on the throats of every character looks strange. I only noticed it way into the game but the shading looks definitely off.

All in all Dead Days is a rather boring addition to the clockup lineup and disappointing. The characters are mostly unlikeable, their motivations are completely nonsensical and even the sex isn't that great. I'd skip on the game if I were you.

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