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Your penis only made my Touhou stronger

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...or rewrite history.

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They know their roles in the chain of life. Make sure to keep the rebellious grass in check, and when your lifespan is over, give up your body so that others may live on.

To live on following that aspect and not waiver, the cow is indeed very wise.

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Her horns, they'd me.

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Wrong version. Keine is the patch job while EX-Keine is the tire change.

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Clearly, Keine is the most beautiful in Gensokyo.

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I'll tell you what you should do.

Look at Keine good and hard. Think about her soft skin, her warm body, and gentle touch. Imagine being able to lay your head upon her ample bust and just let the rest of the world go while she strokes your hair. Perfect peace.

Feel that tightness in your chest? That pit? Know what you will never find her while you play here on the computer.

Do 20 pushes, 30 situps, and then 15 pushups again. Right now, this very second. Its not a workout, but it will get your blood flowing. Now go take a shower and shave. If it is not too late at night, go for a walk outside. Feel the air. Think about what you can do to better yourself and be more social. Think about what you can do to forge a new life outside of the internet.

Clench your fists and burn away that loneliness with focus on being the man she would want. And should you start to slack off, you'll remember this every time you see her picture. You'll remember that you cannot meet a woman like her while you play.

Keine. My anti-NEET.

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Oh god Keine is hot.

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Keine is the horniest.

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Keine is horny.

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