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My waifu is Rider, not your right hand.

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Were there any new FSN figures at Comiket besides Figma Rider? I really want a Rider that's in scale with my motion revive Kamen Riders(4 inches), so I can make lots of visual jokes.

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>Chthonic serpent goddess/monster and one of the Ancient Evils of the world. Like the Hydra, and Cerberus. Medea pales in comparison to Medusa's malice.

Stupid nigger, read more about her mythology. She was a victim.

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Hey! You'd have esteem issues too if you had sisters like them!

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Why are Rider's sisters so superior?

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Anonymous may call my stance on the Gorgons an 'irrational' or 'maniacal' hatred, but he often tends to forget that we are discussing chthonic, monstrous beings that sup on the flesh of humans and turn others to stone with a mere gaze.

I do not know about you lot, but I think fear of a monster that would gladly tear you limb from limb and then gnaw on your bones is as rational as it gets.

The Gorgons are not wholesome, pleasant sisters that are fun to be around.

That statue garden that Rider keeps referring to, did you think she got those statues from the five-and-ten dollar store in the city?

Of course not. Those are the remains of the humans foolish enough to try hunting her and her vicious sisters down.
Rider and her sisters think it great fun that the humans consider them targets to be hunted.

They play with their hunters, toy with them even, and then consume their flesh or turn them to stone.

You will excuse me if I do not consider Rider to be an innocent little lamb, nor worthy of being anyone's 'waifu'.

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Stheno and Euryale are the two lesser Gorgons.

They are both younger and more immature than Medusa.
It has also been suggested that they were more sexually active than the Medusa herself.

Some myths suggest that Medusa allowed herself to be turned into a monstrous being for the sake of shielding her sisters from the lusts of men.

The veracity of such myths leave much to be desired, however.

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Compared to her sisters she is.

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Regretting becoming taller.

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Isn't it sad, Rider-chan? ;_;

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