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Do you think lower class animal is capable for making anything original?

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damn those are some good nene underarms

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Greennigger can't be normal without shitting on other holo or fanbase falseflag, truly the most mentally ill fanbase of all hololive, go back tp scream about your cumdump whore 'mommy'.

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>insta deleted
>meanwhile porn still here for hours
I can see why lapschizo still posting

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I'm not betting on a rigged bet.

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is chammers the simon cowell of this collab

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i guess thats explained their excessive roomate stalking behaviour honestly. also why most of them only appear when she stream. its all makes sense now

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damn risu

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what is this sudden influx of popularity with mel? did the plusfag just found out mel exist?

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unironically what happened with laplus numbers? she used to average around 10k when she started, now she already down like 2k. is she reclining? if so why the fuck she is really popular here? i know towa is popular because she is this thread favorite pet, but laplus? is it just because she is towa's pet that she's popular here?
also why the fuck every holomem seems to dote her a lot? is she some important person daughter or something? schizo no need to reply ty

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i will remember this pekora.

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Rushia really fucked up, huh...

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>Rushia talking to all the japanese keemstars

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>uruha rushia
>ukraine russia


>rushia terminated

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are we doing it sheepbros?

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so Rushia is literally real life Needy Streamer Overload?

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There will be no comeback this time. The Vtuber world has already entered the endgame phase, most of her fans will simply move on to Iroha/La+. It's just bad luck that she has 2 direct competitors from gen6. Not to mention haft a year of doing nothing but 1 hour meme streams has ruined her channel

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Imagebros we can't lose this one too!

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No thanks, that's gay.

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What the fuck the ladyboy is a total pussy

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>oga has more views than matsuri
what went wrong?

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