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I lost a lot of respect for my fellow /jp/ after that SWR thread. It seemed to send a shockwave of fail through the board and the fractures were filled up with summerfags before they could heal.

I like touhou. I like shmups, I like loli’s, and I like the things imaginative Japanese artists make them do to each other regardless of how much they may like it. But the constant threads with just a ‘cool image’ and nothing else, and tendency to sage anything that doesn’t wear a silly hat, has become quite tedious.

Sometimes I wonder if I should do other things with my time than refresh a SFW image board looking for the odd interesting thread or, effectively, niche porn... But I think we can get through this /jp/. It’s not the trolls trolling trolls, it’s /jp/ collectively being so easy to troll in the first place. Just ignore that shit, even if they insult your personal taste in video games or claim wriggle has a vagina.

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I hope this hits auto sage soon so we can have a new thread temporary devoid of this faggotry.

If you want to insult the people on /jp/ for their SWR opinions and playing ability there’s actually an entire channel devoted to it on irc.mizuumi.org #SWR. There you can sit around on your high horses furiously circle jerking that you dislike or beat anonymous people on the internet in a just-released, imbalanced game relatively nobody plays, whose main attraction is little girls in frilly dresses designed by a mad Japanese alcoholic.

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I could do the same for the corner, but you're just not going to play along are you?

You're wrong about Reisen having better combo's. They're more contrived and do less damage. End of.

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What's this crap?

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You do know that, unless you plan on posting another 199 replies, this does nothing and your campaign is a waste of time?

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