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snake man take me by the hand

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Calm down Mercurius. You will get the cucking you desire soon.

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The thing about Merc being an Outer God was super cool, but like >>20152329 said the thought of him slowly becoming a God as he fucked up with Satanael's Heaven with the Gomorrah seems pretty cool to me at least. Dunno about the rest of you though.

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tfw I leave for half a day and the thread went to shit thanks to fgo talk. Time to reset.

For real though, let's not fight with each other, please. This has been the most chill thread I've ever been in a long while, and I'm sure it's the same for other anons.

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>Ira furor brevis est - Sequere Naturam
"Anger is a brief madness - You are to follow Nature"
>Sic itur ad astra - Sequere Naturam
"Thus, people head towards the stars - Follow Nature."

I do like to believe there is a meaning in how they chant Sequere Naturam and a difference between Snek and Punished Snek.

>Anger is a brief madness- You are to Follow Nature
Could represent how Mercurius has finally gone insane on his law of Eigo Kaiki and how he wants nature to run its course and die once Marie reaches the Throne.

>Thus, people head towards the stars- Follow Nature.
For this one I have yet to reach a meaning, but something about the Eastern Expedition overcoming Yato and from there fight Hajun.

Sorry, I'm just bored

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Finally, the only good part of that horrendously bad anime has come.

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Et arma et verba vulnerant Et arma
Fortuna amicos conciliat inopia amicos probat Exempla
Levis est fortuna id cito reposcit quod dedit
Non solum fortuna ipsa est caeca sed etiam eos caecos facit quos semper adiuvat
Misce stultitiam consiliis brevem dulce est desipere in loco
Ede bibe lude post mortem nulla voluptas

Atziluth - Acta est Fabula

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Call me autistic or a complete chuunifag, but I really dig Snek's incantation of his Atziluth plus his abilities being on Latin. Especially how they made him sound like this eerie being during his fight with Reinhard.

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After /soc/ and /b/, you're the most horrible board in the whole website. But cheers! Hopefully you make it alive. Have the most badass nazi in otaku culture as a token.

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