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Why should I, a person who lives in the greatest country in the world, California, go all the way to Atlanta to watch a shitty artist and an even worse composer get drunk off his ass?

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As in, Currently in Employment, Education or Training? Shouldn't that be CEET, then?

In any case, kindly fuck off.

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Go on nerd.

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/a/ here. Go back to your filthy shithole /v/irgin. Your boards lack of elitism is what killed you a few days ago. Enjoy your ponies, enjoy Reddit, enjoy your dubs. You failed to raid /a/ when your board died thanks to our mod Kino too who deleted every single one of your threads on /a/ immediately, pathetic really. Officially shittier than /b/ at this point. You don't have the right to critisise /jp/s elitism.
>Inb4 u mad
I'm not expecting a serious comeback anyway, eat shit.

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Not only can it be found on exhentai using file search, the fucking source is in the filename too.
I swear this is the last time I'm going to help any of you degenerates.

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What archive is everyone using now?

Also fuck you janitor, stop deleting good threads.

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