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So I just had my first go with "Green-ass babyfaced teachwer" (pic related).
Here's some bulletin points of my opinion:
+ Translucency is top notch.
+ Makes your dick look huge due to lensing effect.
+ Small overall size makes you think you got a nice dick even more.
+ To quote moonrune comics, seeing the internal structure is quite erotic
+ Seriously, it's like an R-rated sex ed class
- Super sticky. I just know that cleaning the outside will be a bitch.
- Will most likely become cloudy quite fast due to aforementioned stickiness.
- A bit too small ie. too tight. Like, Lolinco tight IMO.
- Hard to get your dick in due to the opening being so small

In the end, it felt good but I couldn't properly cum due my dick getting strangled. Disappointing but still a fun gimmick toy for it's low price.

Suggestion: Could we add a translucent recommendations category to the guide? I think I found something that I like.

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