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When I started off with EOSD, I couldn't even make it past Cirno, and that was on Easy. I had absolutely no natural ability whatsoever. But I kept at it. About 8 months later of playing a few hours a night a few times a week, I've 1cc'd every Touhou danmaku on Normal except for SA, Mystic Square and Story of Eastern Wonderland.

It's not like I was practicing either though, of course. I did it because it was fun. Training to be better in Touhou to avoid some 'secondary' stigma is ridiculous. Be aware though that shitty hardware can sabotage your game though. Danmaku is probably the least forgiving game genre for ghosting, so be sure you have a monitor with a decent refresh rate. Make sure you have a decent keyboard too, and one that has enough key rollover that you can press 4+ buttons at once and still be able to make proper diagonal movement. If you're playing on anything other than a desktop, you might encounter these problems.

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whats wrong with her hair?

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>my face when I realize someone reposted on /jp/ the J-Core thread I made on /mu/

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