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I never noticed the resemblance until now. I still would.

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A little, yes.

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oni strong.not hurt by such thing.

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I feel bad for Suika.
Must feel bad to not be able to sleep on your side.

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i did do my reps today. arm day is always fun

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if i moved to gensokyo, how would i keep up muh gains?

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But the oni will not be denied

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Could you do Yuugi next?
I suspect that since she must eat a lot for her gains, she defecates quite often. But I believe that she would properly wipe due to it needing to be clean during intense workouts. Might be smelly though.

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When I have 1CC'd it and I'm comfortable I won't die or use bombs (except maybe for one on an emergency) up to Stage 3.

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Do little girls count?

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Ogreball special.

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And mutual benefit is the fairest?

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Even if I wasn't I would still find men disgusting. So yes, I am utterly straight.

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Wishful thinking. Keep telling yourself that.

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Yes, and she's carrying off Reimu to feed her motherly appetite.

Shrine Maiden steak is very delicious and full of protein, BOOF. It is the healthiest cut of meat in Gensokyo.

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This is like muscle perfection.

Not too much to be disgusting, slim enough to still make waifu material.

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I for one would welcome our Übermädchen overlords

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If you somehow manage to do that, let me know, Yuugi much more likely to impale you, in the mean time, I'll use them for handlebars

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While it's quite straightforward traditionally, in Touhou oni and humans have a complicated love/hate relationship.

Basically oni have an overriding sense of fair play, while humans generally do not. And since even the weakest oni is monstrously stronger than the strongest human, oni always win by default in any challenge of strength. So when humans eventually resorted to cheating (in order to have any semblence of a chance at all), oni simply couldn't work around it and decided to get up and leave instead.

Judging from how few oni are still up walking the surface, it would seem those who stayed behind generally didn't fare well.

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I look at Yuugi, and I go...
"Fuck, I need to go lift."

and every other day, I do
dang bro.

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