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I buy plain shirts for eight dollars each, and get a good assortment. That way I have variety and can throw them away as new cum rags because I'm not gonna keep wearing old shirts like some hobo.
Levi 511's are all you really need for everyday pants wear, and they last quite a while.
For shoes I have a few boat shoes and moccasins.
When it gets cold I have a canvas bomber.

das it mane

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It means making a face like this.

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Without Finland, my life would be many times more drab than it neeeds to be.
I will mail my congressman and make sure our President sends a letter of thanks to your country.

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I love the safe face this guy has, the one you see on Reisen here. I want to make out with a girl with that face, right after she got done with her part time shift at the local glory hole.
She'd think she's just fucking with me and being an evil bitch by kissing me with stinky and fresh cum all over her mouth and throat, and a thin film of it on her lips that I'd lick off. She'd never know I was actually loving every second of it.
If her vagina was already fluttery and filled with so much cum from hard creampies that it dripped through her cheap panties, I would beg for the chance to eat her out or fuck her for sloppy seconds, thirds, or whatever number would be needed after so much slutty sex.

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Step on my penis, sit on my face, pee on me, bully my butt, make me lick your feet.

I love femdom.
I want a girl to leash me and treat me like a fucking dog.

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I fuck this thread

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There's nothing "voluntary" about it. Having a home to live in is one of the basic necessities of human life. Those individuals, especially the lower classes, are also vulnerable to economic circumstances beyond their control.

Putting aside my disagreements of with the entire economic system in the United States, as long as someone has at least made an attempt in good faith to pay, I don't see a reason why the government shouldn't help them to keep that home.

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I lost my original Suiseiseki one, sadly :<

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wait what

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wait what

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