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Give a presentation on how the Miko used to practice sacred prostitution in ancient Japan, and argue why japan should return to this tradition.

> The resemblance of a wedding ceremony as the initiation rite suggests that the trainee, still a virgin, had become the bride of the kami she served (called a Tamayori Hime 玉依姫). During her trance, said kami had requested the girl to his shrine. In some areas of Japan she had to bring a pot filled with rice (meshibitsu) and a pan. An old, long-abandoned practice, had the miko engage in sexual intercourse with a kannushi, who would represent the kami. Any resulting child would be considered the kami’s baby (mikogami 御子神 ).

>Sacred prostitution was once practised by the Miko within traditional Shinto in Japan. There were once Shinto beliefs that prostitution was sacred, and there used to be lodgings for the temple prostitutes on the shrine grounds. This traditional practise came to an end during the beginning of the Meiji era, due to the encroachment of Western Christian morality, and the government implementing the Shinbutsu bunri; which, among other things, drastically decreased the roles of the Miko, and modified Shinto beliefs until it became what is now colloquially referred to as State Shinto.

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That is being a trad miko.

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Sounds legit

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The Hakurei miko is a staunch traditionalist.

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Prostitutes shouldn't be ridiculed, they should be cherished.

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she fugg

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