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Yukari is a psycho dude, it should be easy to understand that she developed a bunch of weird habits over the thousands of years that she lived. She likes to kidnap young boys and force them to call her mom. She has a huge fetish for that kind of stuff and sometimes she'll even use her powers to turn grown men into young boys just so that she can watch them panic and eventually submit to their new form.
All Yukarimom posters are like this, she tells them what to write while watching other /jp/sie's reaction and if she deems them 'worthy' she gaps them in.

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>Can you feel my heart?

I need to change my pants...

OMG if Yukari would let me do things to her... Her lovely breasts and vagina would be sore to no end. I would savor all her delicious bodily fluids as if they were mana from the heavens. I want my tongue to explore and map every inch of her body, every crevice, taut, sensitive, area so that it would be more familiar about her delicious body than Yukari herself is aware of.

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