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I love this funny hat

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Remember when Touhou was just a series made by one dude followed by bunch of fans making their own stuff and then groups of creative people also making their own stuff which comprised the whole fandom and derivative work scene, a melting pot of different people/individuals with different orientation, talent, preferences, fetish, etc?
Now it's still a series made by one dude, but now suddenly rich companies start jumping into the sandbox to create media content as well, something ZUN never allowed before.
Handling merchandise and official manga publication should be enough for Touhou, but now companies are also trying to stand at the center of the community and probably influence as well through grandiose project of mainstream entertainment which is gacha.
Maybe I'm making too much of a big deal since we don't see the impact yet, but I just feel like the fandom might going to change, not in terms of quantity but nature, or at least that's what their attempt might lead to.

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I agree but these threads are, in fact, allowed.

It's an culutral phenomenon taking place on many online forums that involves picking out bad things and unproductively harshing on something with no plans or suggestions to improve what you're complaining about. Basically going in with the intention of being mad, but is a toxic thing to do.
It's an easy habit to fall into when you're a NEET with nothing going on in your life and all you do is get mad at others for not being on your level because that's the only thing you have to feel accomplished about. (I might be projecting)
Circlejerking in a thread trying to make ourselves out to be better fans by mocking and stereotyping secondaries is considered off-topic or in poor taste by many. (See: Walfas threads, those two recent cringe fanart threads). However, they were not deleted by the medio, so it seems this type of thread is fair game.
To each their own, I suppose.
Happy posting, everyone.

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Someone from /trash/'s HG threads thought it'd be a good idea to raid you for entries because someone else was angsting over a yukkuri winning a game.

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Futo is a dork

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Futo is dork

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I want to bully the Futo

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The dorkiest taoist

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Lol dork

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