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発熱巫女~ず has a bunch of arranges that are clearly inspired by other music or artists. Tim Vegas especially seems to adore and imitate pop music, and it shows in his work.

A Native Face (blazin' house mix) seems inspired by Mondo Grosso's BLZ. The naming of the mix is a bit of a dead giveaway considering that Mondo Grosso is perhaps Japan's most well known house artist, and the song is similar in feel and instrumentalization to BLZ. The songs are still quite distinct from one another though, but once you locate the likely inspiration it becomes difficult not to compare the two.

Here's an obvious one: Beautiful Dreams. It is clearly referencing/parodying Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3.

Purple Pain is likely inspired by Prince's music. The name of the song is a clear reference to Prince's Purple Rain, and the slap bass funk and Ark Brown's way of singing are reminiscent of Prince. The soft high pitched singing is reminiscent of Prince's songs like I Wanna Be Your Lover or La, La, La Means I Love You for example.

The C part in So Bright may be partly inspired by Chic's Good Times. The ascending bass lines are rather similar. Though I may be reaching here a tad.

Origin of Love is obviously inspired by Rihanna's We Found Love. Interesting to see a reference to such a hit song.

I'm also sure there are some direct musical references in songs like Starlight Dance Floor or Everything but the Girl. Michael Jackson or Backstreet Boys maybe? The grunts are very Jackson-esque at least.

I'm probably missing a lot but you get the idea. This circle loves referencing pop music. Aside from 発熱巫女~ず I'm pretty sure shibayanrecords has made some musical references in some electronic songs, I think some parts of his songs bear similarities to Justice, Aphex Twin or Daft Punk

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Mandatory Joon gif

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Basically, I would like to live as her exclusive cunnilingus slave.

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She would be perfect as a boss in UM. Zun could make her steal your money or cards as a gimmick.

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Shion < Reimu < Hecatia < Jo'on < Aya < Tewi < Yukari

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Jo´on gives me a gigaboner, she has an insanely good design easily as good as the likes of suika or tenko, too bad she was introduced when 2hu reclined so she doesn´t have that much art, I think if she had been introduced during the IAMP time she would be much more popular.

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