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Story focusing on the activities of the Sealing Club.

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That theory's nice and all but it forgets that Chiyuri's story confirms that Yumemi and Chiyuri came from a parallel universe, and there already was a Chiyuri (likely a Yumemi as well) who used magic in Gensokyo.

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The city where Renko and Merry live looks fine, and technology is advanced. Trains have windows that stretch over the full height and length of their side. Only ceiling and floor are from metal (as described in the ZUN stories). There are moon trips and space stations.

Yet some areas in the future are derelict or flooded (at least in fan art). What went wrong?

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Maybe if we all start believing in Gods, monsters and Youkai...

Gensokyo will be in our reach!

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They say it might not snow at all this year where I'm living.

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Something that always intrigues me about them is their world. We know it's the future, but just how far into the future is it?
Interesting stuff in their world:
-Synthetic food are eaten regularly
-Regular trips to the moon
-Natural vegetation is rare
-Supposedly, the Grand Unified Theory is solved

The lack of natural vegetation makes me think that Renko and Merry's outside world is the same as Seihou, or at least near the era. It also helps that many Seihou tracks get remixed by ZUN and put on the music CDs. Alternatively, they could come from Yumemi's world where the theory was also solved. Anyway, just a thought.

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