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Okina would be a massive pain in the balls if it wasn't for releases and Byakuren is just a douche overall. And for evil last spellcards, there's also Utsuho and Junko.

>most of the game's difficulty is concentrated in her
I disagree.

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>Is ZUN a good character designer?
Yes, he's phenomenal. There are companies like Capcom and Namco that produce multiple games a year, with each game having more characters in it than a Touhou game, and with every title having several character designers working their asses off as a team.
If you took the top ten designs Capcom and Namco have ever made and put them against the top ten Touhou designs, Capcom and Namco would be crushed. Morrigan and Iori are great designs, but Momiji, a character ZUN barely bothered to name, stomps them flat.
That's how much of a dominatingly good character designer ZUN is.

It's easy to recognize Touhou characters because ZUN loads them with memorable aspect after memorable aspect. Red blocky hat, puffballs on a string, maple stripe, giant orange leaf, camera around her neck with a red lens, crow on her shoulder, red sneakers with a wooden block on the bottom, pointed ears, red armband.
Yet they stay focused, because he makes every design revolve around two or three colors.
With almost every character he makes, you see them once and never forget them. That is the epitome of character design.

>Who is your favorite touhou in terms of appearance?
There are so many good ones, but my favorite design is Seija. Apart from being a treat for the eyes visually, it handles the idea of a contrarian youkai with such subtlety. So many character designers would have gone ham with asymmetry, but all ZUN needs is a lock of red hair, a tessellating dress, and an upside-down bow. Just fantastic.

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Nobody tells me what to do.

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Seihou is the opposite of Touhou. Maybe that applies to other areas of the game too besides the name.

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>Spinoffs don't count.
Alright then

>SA still the best game

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What was her problem? What was her solution?

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Good news, ZUN introduced a hipster touhou.
She's perfect for you, you will like her a lot.
But she hates being liked

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Does Seija have any ohyaous yet? Also is there a site dedicated to ohayous? What about a pixiv tag?

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>She thinks the opposite of what other people think, likes what others hate, and hates herself when she makes others happy. In general, no one liked her, and she liked that fact. She also tends to be talkative.

why is she such an edgy hipster

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How many beers did it take to create this monstrosity?

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