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Reisen threatening (You) with a gun, demanding headpats

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Main thing right now really is figuring out what to actually DO with them. To try and make it as simple as possible, here's the general gist of several lines of thought I've panned out on where things could head:

- A story from a single viewpoint such as the Hakurei Shrine with progressively unlocking missions in varying types. A bit vanilla.

- Several stories where you get to spend a bit of time with each of the gangs that offer different playstyles. Hypotheticals; simple elimination missions for Hakurei, defense missions for Lunarians, SDM...? And so on.

- Arcade-y type missions with no real overarching story, immediately available from the start, in varying difficulties and types. Probably the least-inspired of the three options but also the simplest in terms of "what can you do right away?".

And of course, any suggestions. In terms of what you can actually do for missions - skies the limit, really. Escort missions, treasure hunts, or so on. Only real limitation is anything involving heavy use of NPC vehicles. You can kind of get around having having a few cars following a simple path perhaps, with a bit of creative scripting, if a mission really needs it. Bear in mind though, heartbroken as some of you may be to hear it, I am not, in fact, a one-man AAA game-dev team! No matter what anything'll probably take a fair bit of time since stuff like this is a bit complex, definitely something that'll take a bit of planning out since nothing's more soul-sucking than working on something only to have to completely scrap it or largely re-write it to accommodate future-changes.

Again, don't be shy if you want to share any general ideas! Always try to take things into consideration before I work on something.

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You're only going to have fueled this more in hindsight. Want some Wendy's while you wait to figure it out? Don't worry, it hurt me too the first time. I can only promise, it won't get better, because.

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put your hands in the air

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