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You're the one who said trolling is "pretending to be a kawaii girl"

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Why do y'all like these sluts? How about worshiping girls that are actually cute? Flandre, for example.

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/jp/, thanks for recommending this The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno game. It's amazing.

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I cho...choose Flandre!

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Sorry, anon.
I was harrassed by real life, and then I was lake'd.
It came after me because I revealed it's true intentions: To force you to develop companion cube syndrome.

"Ooh! That's a great idea, Mr. Dumbass!" Flandre exclaims, looking at you with a toothy smile. "I'll be right back. Don't move an inch. REALLY." There is a deathly tone to her last word as she flounces up and knocks on the door, out of sight.

[ ] Rip the frilly dress

[ ] Scream

[ ] Try to hide

[ ] "Help?"

[ ] Remain silent

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Na...you always give me that answer when I ask.

I want to know, really! What's a man? I don't think I've ever actually seen one!

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Good morning, /jp/sies! Gensokyo Man here. Also, for clarification purposes, from a thread I saw while browsing back; Yes, Keine was in Were-Hakutaku form that night. I made sure to use Hakutaku as a descriptor at that point, not to mention use Relevant Images™. It was why she was rather upset and retreated. No, you haven't abandoned the route yet, although you've managed to get yourself into a pickle over at the SDM.

However, on with the story.

You decide not to further agitate the vampire loli and get your ass in gear to hide. You feel around in the dark solemnly, and try to make as little noise as possible. If you were an insane, world destroying little girl, where would you not look? Regardless, you -think- you've found some places to hide. Really, you can only feel things. Where do you go?

[ ] Hide in a crevice between two metallic objects

[ ] You can feel a bed(?!), hide under it

[ ] There seems to be a closet of some sort, hide in it

[ ] You can feel a niche here, and there feels to be quite a bit of junk- you hide there

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She giggles as you ask, confused. "I already played Danmaku today, so let's play... Another game. How about hide and seek? You hide, I seek. I'll give you until the count of fifty, since you're new!" Her giggling reaches a heightened cresendo. "One..."

[ ] Hide

[ ] Go for the door

[ ] Find some sort of blunt weapon, and hit her with it

[ ] "I never agreed! Wait, can't we play some other game?"

[ ] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

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That's mean! I'm a proper lady now!!

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That's not a good nickname! Try harder!

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Don't say anything. She still thinks it's hers...

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Ne, Anonymous.

Why do I have to share colors with that evil Red-White? I'm not as mean as her, am I?

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Mou~ That's no good, Oniichan. I have to go to school so you should try your best, too.

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